Skin Care Basics

skin care basics

Skin needs a good foundation, a good understructure that can help it withstand the assaults we put it through: sun, wind, pollution, extreme temperature, stress and, of course, the products we use. So start with the basic, most fundamental part of skin care … cleansing.

Regular cleansers, liquid or bar, can contain harsh surfactants that strip skin and make it more susceptible to the stressors (physical or chemical) of daily life. This results in skin that is dry, rough, cracked and inflamed. Although the goal of cleansing is to remove unwanted materials from the skin (dirt, excess oil, sebum and pollutants), the use of harsh cleansers damages the skin’s barrier and increases the skin’s susceptibility to irritation and sensitization. This can decrease skin’s moisture and smoothness, as well as make it more prone to disease. Abrasive cleansers also decrease the ability of skin to absorb and hold water.

The mildness of soap 101 reduces skin barrier damage and break down. It helps skin maintain hydration and strength, allowing it to withstand daily environmental attacks. Using a gentle cleanser helps conserve skin’s Natural Moisturizing Factor, which increases skin’s water holding capacity. Skin is more supple and smooth.

The ultimate goal of our soaps is to remove dirt and bacteria while simultaneously depositing nourishing oil on the skin to improve skin feel, smooth rough and scaly skin and improve skin barrier function.