The inspiration to create soap 101 came from a Nurse Practitioner in the field of dermatology with many years of caring for patients’ skin. She started with basic questions: What are you using on your skin and how often? What is your lifestyle? Are there underlying medical issues that could affect your skin?

She found that many of the commercial products patients cited contain a lot of “extras”, some unnecessary, and these ingredients weren’t always “kind” to skin. She wondered whether their products were contributing to their skin problems. After years of first hand examination, she discovered some of these products weren’t helping the situation and in fact, they could be making it worse. There are many patients with allergic dermatitis, contact dermatitis and various skin sensitivities. It is feasible the products they were using were sensitizing them further.

With the support of her colleagues, she created soap 101, a back to basics skin cleansing approach using natural oils and wholesome ingredients, which are hand-made without synthetics. Beautiful handcrafted soaps that are pure and good for your skin.

Soap making is an art form, from handpicking the oils and specialty ingredients to the preparation, mixing, pouring, curing and aging, much like fine wine. Only therapeutic grade essential oils are used because of the fragrance allergies seen in the dermatology practice. There are no commercial fragrances in soap 101. Furthermore, each essential oil has a therapeutic potential which enhances the soap’s salubrious effects. Soap 101 is all natural, made with the best ingredients available.

This process has been a rewarding experience, a labor of love, allowing for creativity while helping clients have the best skin possible. Soap 101 gives skin the nourishment it needs to withstand the everyday onslaughts it encounters, plus facilitate gentle healing.